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Paper   IPM / Astronomy / 16115
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  Title:   Magnetically charged black holes from non-linear electrodynamics and the Event Horizon Telescope
1.  Alireza . Allahyari
2.  Mohsen . Khodadi
3.  Sunny . Vagnozzi
4.  David . F. Mota
  Status:   Published
  Journal: JCAP
  Vol.:  2020
  Year:  2020
  Supported by:            ipm IPM
Non-linear electrodynamics (NLED) theories are well-motivated extensions of QED in the strong field regime, and have long been studied in the search for regular black hole (BH) solutions. We consider two well-studied and well-motivated NLED models coupled to General Relativity: the Euler-Heisenberg model and the Bronnikov model. After carefully accounting for the effective geometry induced by the NLED corrections, we determine the shadows of BHs within these two models. We then compare these to the shadow of the supermassive BH M87* recently imaged by the Event Horizon Telescope collaboration. In doing so, we are able to extract upper limits on the black hole magnetic charge, thus providing novel constraints on fundamental physics from this new extraordinary probe.

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