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Paper   IPM / Physic / 16102
School of Physics
  Title:   Evolution of Entanglement Wedge Cross Section Following a Global Quench
1.  K. Babaei Velni
2.  M.R. Mohammadi Mozaffar
3.  M.H. Vahidinia
  Status:   Preprint
  Year:  2020
  Supported by:  IPM
We study the evolution of entanglement wedge cross section (EWCS) in the Vaidya geometry describing a thin shell of null matter collapsing into the AdS vacuum to form a black brane. In the holographic context, it is proposed that this quantity is dual to different information measures including entanglement of purification, reflected entropy, odd entropy and logarithmic negativity. In 2+1 dimensions, we present a combination of numerical and analytic results on the evolution and scaling of EWCS for strip shaped boundary subregions after a thermal quench. In the limit of large subregions, we find that the time evolution of EWCS is characterized by three different scaling regimes: an early time quadratic growth, an intermediate linear growth and a late time saturation. Further, in 3+1 dimensions, we examine the scaling behavior by considering thermal and electromagnetic quenches. In the case of a thermal quench, our numerical analysis supply results similar to observations made for the lower dimension. On the other hand, for electromagnetic quenches, an interesting feature is a departure from the linear behavior of the evolution to logarithmic growth.

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