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  Title:   LHC Constraints on a (BL)3 Gauge Boson
1.  Fatemeh Elahi
2.  Adam Martin
  Status:   Submitted
  Year:  2019
  Supported by:  IPM
In this paper, we explore the constraints that the LHC can place on a massive gauge boson X that predominantly couples to the third generation of fermions. Such a gauge boson arises in scenarios where the BL of the third generation is gauged. We focus on the mass range 10 ≤ \mx <~2 mW, where current constraints are lacking, and develop a dedicated search strategy. For this mass range, we show that b b τ+ τ, where at least one of the τs decay leptonically is the optimal channel to look for the X at the LHC. The QCD production of b quarks, combined with the cleanliness of the leptons coming from the decay of the τ allow us to detect X gauge boson with couplings of \gx  ∼ (0.005−0.01), for \mx < 50 \gev, and a coupling of O(0.1) for heavier X gauge boson with 100 \fb−1 of integrated luminosity. This is about a factor of 2-10 improvement over previous constraints coming from the decay of Υ→ τ+ τ. Extrapolating to the full HL-LHC luminosity of 3000 \fb−1, the bounds on \gx can be enhanced by another factor of √2 for \mx < 50 \gev.

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