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Paper   IPM / P / 15264
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  Title:   The doubly charmed pseudoscalar tetraquarks Tcc;s s++ and Tcc;d s++
1.  S.S. Agaev
2.  K. Azizi
3.  B. Barsbay
4.  H. Sundu
  Status:   Published
  Journal: Nucl. Phys. B
  Vol.:  939
  Year:  2019
  Pages:   130-144
  Supported by:  IPM
The mass and coupling of the doubly charmed pseudoscalar diquark-antidiquark states Tcc;s s++ and Tcc;ds++ that bear two units of the electric charge are calculated by means of QCD two-point sum rule method. Computations are carried out by taking into account vacuum condensates up to and including terms of tenth dimension. The dominant S-wave decays of these tetraquarks to a pair of conventional Ds+Ds0∗+(2317) and D+Ds0∗+(2317) mesons are explored using QCD three-point sum rule approach, and their widths are found. The obtained results for the mass and width of these states mT=(4410 ±120) MeV, Γ = (109.8 ±30.8) MeV and ~mT=(4270±115 ) MeV, ~Γ=(52.6 ±14.8) MeV may be useful in experimental studies of exotic resonances.

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