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Paper   IPM / Particles And Accelerator / 14535
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  Title:   Whittaker functions in beam driven plasma wakefield acceleration for a plasma with a parabolic density profile
1.  Y Golian
2.  Morteza Aslaninejad
3.  D Dorranian
  Status:   Published
  Journal: Phys. Plasmas
  No.:  013109
  Vol.:  23
  Year:  2016
  Supported by:  IPM
A model for the interaction of charged particlebeams and plasma for a linear wakefield generation in a parabolic plasma channel is presented. The density profile has the maximum on the axis. A Gaussian protonbeam is employed to excite the plasma wakefield in the channel. We have built a thorough analytical model and solved the governing equations for the wakefield acceleration of a charged particlebeam. The longitudinal and radial wakefields are expressed by Whittaker functions, and for certain parameters of plasma and the beam, their behaviours in longitudinal and radial directions are investigated. It is observed that the radial electric field generated by the bunch increases with the distance behind the bunch.

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