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Paper   IPM / Physic / 14326
School of Physics
  Title:   Electron mobility of a two-dimensional electron gas
at the interface of SrTiO3 and LaAlO3
1.  A. Faridi
2.  R. Asgari
3.  A. Langari
  Status:   Published
  Journal: Phys. Rev. B
  Vol.:  93
  Year:  2016
  Pages:   235306
  Supported by:  IPM
We calculate the mobility of a two-dimensional electron gas residing at the interface of LaAlO3/SrTiO3 following a three band Boltzmann approach at low temperature, where carrier-charged impurity scattering process is assumed to be dominant. We explain the anisotropic characteristic of the dielectric function, which is a consequence of elliptical bands close to Fermi surface. The screening effect, which weakens the long-range Coulomb interaction of the electron-impurity is considered within the random phase approximation. Working at carrier densities high enough to neglect the spin-orbit induced splitting of the bands, we find that the mobility varies inversely with the cubic power of the carrier density (n2D−3)in good agreement with the experimental results. We also investigate the role of variable dielectric constant of SrTiO3 , the multiband nature of the system and interband interactions in exploring this result.

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