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Paper   IPM / Particles And Accelerator / 14203
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  Title:   The 750 GeV Diphoton Excess from a Pseudoscalar in Fermionic Dark Matter Scenario
1.  Karim Ghorbani
2.  Hossein Ghorbani
  Status:   Submitted
  Year:  2016
  Supported by:  IPM
Assuming that the newly announced 750 GeV diphoton excess by ATLAS and CMS is due to a decaying pseudoscalar particle, we analyze the singlet fermionic dark matter scenario with the pseudoscalar playing the role of the mediator. The dark sector connects to the standard model sector through the Higgs portal and effective operators of gluons and photons. We show that there is a range of dark matter masses within  ∼ 88−280 GeV that beside giving the correct relic density provided by Planck, matches also with the total decay width of 25−45 GeV measured by ATLAS. Due to the presence of the pseudoscalar mediator, the DM-nucleon cross section is velocity suppressed so that the model evades easily the bounds put by even future direct detection experiments such as XENON1T

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