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Paper   IPM / Particles And Accelerator / 13752
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  Title:   Transverse Beam Profile Measurements in The LINAC4 Medium Energy Beam Transport
1.  Masoomeh Yarmohammadi Satri
2.  G Bellodi
3.  V Dimov
4.  J.B Lallement
5.  A Lombardi
6.  U Raich
7.  F Roncarolo
8.  F Zocca
  Status:   In Proceedings
  Proceeding: Proceedings of LINAC2014, Geneva, Switzerland
  Year:  2014
  Supported by:  IPM
Linac4 is a 160 MeV H- linear accelerator presently under construction at CERN. It will replace the present 50 MeV proton Linac2 as in jector of the proton accelera- tor complex as part of a project to increase the LHC lumi- nosity. The Linac4 front-end,composed of a 45 keV ion source, a Low Energy Beam Transport (LEBT), a 352.2 MHz Radio Frequency Quadrupole (RFQ) which accelerates the beam to 3 MeV and a Medium Energy Beam Transport (MEBT) housing a beam chopper, has been commissioned in the Linac4 tunnel. The MEBT is composed of three RF cavities and 11 quadrupole mag- nets to match the beam from the RFQ to the next acceler-ating structure (DTL) and it includes two wire scanners for beam profile measurement. In this paper we present the results of the profile me asurements and we compare them with emittance measurements taken with a tempo-rary slit-and-grid emittance measurement device located after the MEBT line.

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