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Paper   IPM / Biological / 13287
School of Biological Sciences
  Title:   Exploring biological processes involved in embryonic stem cell differentiation by analyzing proteomic data
1.  M. Jafari.
2.  M.Mirzaie.
3.  M. Sadeghi.
4.  S. A. Marashi.
5.  M. Rezaei-Tavirani.
  Status:   Published
  Journal: BBA
  No.:  6
  Vol.:  1834
  Year:  2013
  Pages:   1063-1069
  Supported by:  IPM
Since, proteins carry out many functional roles in a cell with different concentrations, proteomics is likely a more appropriate approach to explain biological processes and cellular events than mRNA studies. Although, gene ontology provides a systematic and organized vocabulary of biological terms for proteins, we need more details to decide about the correct duty and annotation of proteins in a specific condition. One can assume that a change of protein concentration is related to a biological process of that protein with negligible error. Therefore, we can obtain more information about the function of proteins by studying these profiles. In this study, we used time-course proteomic data of a twenty day differentiation study of embryonic stem cells (ESCs) differentiating to embryoid bodies (EBs). Hierarchical clustering was used to cluster time-series concentration profile of proteins. Our results demonstrate that there are eleven active processes with distinct concentration profiles in this initial differentiation. According to the concentration profiles of proteins, we suggest new change points (or equivalently, new stages) in the course of embryonic differentiation.

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