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Paper   IPM / Physic / 12551
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  Title:   Proceedings of the first workshop on Flavor Symmetries and consequences in Accelerators and Cosmology (FLASY2011)
1.  M. Hirsch
2.  D. Meloni
3.  S. Morisi
4.  S. Pastor
5.  E. Peinado
6.  J.W.F.. Valle
7.  A. Adulpravitchai
8.  D. Aristizabal Sierra
9.  F. Bazzocchi
10.  G. Bhattacharyya
11.  G. Blankenburg
12.  M. S. Boucenna
13.  I. de Medeiros Varzielas
14.  M. Diaz
15.  G. Jun Ding
16.  J. N. Esteves
17.  Y. Farzan
18.  S. Garcia Saenz
19.  W. Grimus
20.  C. Hagedorn
21.  J. Jones-Perez
22.  Anjan S. Joshipura
23.  A. Kadosh
24.  K. Kadota
25.  S. Kang
26.  J. Kersten
27.  B. Koch
28.  Martin B. Krauss
29.  Ph. Leser
30.  P. Otto Ludl
31.  V. Maurer
32.  L. Merlo
33.  G. Panotopoulos
34.  A. Papa
35.  H. Pas
36.  Ketan M. Patel
37.  W. Rodejohann
38.  U. J. Saldana Salazar
39.  H. Serodio
40.  Y. Shimizu
41.  M. Spinrath
42.  E. Stamou
43.  H. Sugiyama
44.  M. Taoso
45.  T. Toma
46.  L. Velasco-Sevilla
  Status:   In Proceedings
  Year:  2012
  Supported by:  IPM
The main goals of the first "Workshop on FLAvor SYmmetries and consequences in accelerators and cosmology" (FLASY) was to summarize the theoretical status of flavor symmetries, bringing together young researchers in the field to stimulate discussions and new collaborations, with the aim of investigating possible new physics scenarios to be tested at the LHC, as well as in future neutrino, cosmology experiments and dark matter searches.

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