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Paper   IPM / M / 11780
School of Mathematics
  Title:   Results of formal local cohomology modules
  Author(s):  A. Mafi
  Status:   To Appear
  Journal: Bull. Malaysian Math. Soc.
  Supported by:  IPM
Let (R,\mathfrak m) be a commutative Noetherian local ring, \mathfrak a an ideal of R,and M a finitely generated R-module. We show that for a non-negative integer t the following cases are equivalent:a) The formal local cohomology modules H_m^i(M/ a^n M) are Artinian for all i<t;(b) a Rad(Ann( H_m^i(M/ a^n M))) for all i<t. If one of the above cases holds, then H_m^t(M/ a^nM)/ a H_m^t(M/ a^nM)

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