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  Title:   3He and 3H polarized structure functions, using the constituent quark model
1.  Mohammad Mehdi Yazdanpanah
2.  Abolfazl Mirjalili
3.  Shahin Atashbar Tehrani
4.  Fatemeh Taghavi Shahri
  Status:   Published
  Journal: Nucl. Phys. A831
  No.:  831
  Year:  2009
  Pages:   243-262
  Supported by:  IPM
We calculate polarized structure functions for 3He and 3H, using the convolution of the light cone momentum distribution with the polarized structure of the proton and neutron. The polarized structure function of the nucleon is computed using the constituent quark model. Hypergeometric orthogonal polynomials are employed to extract the unknown parameters in this phenomenological approach. These hypergeometric polynomials are placed at the third level of Askey scheme with two free parameters. The results obtained for the polarized nuclear structure functions and the ratio of the Bjorken sum rule for proton-neutron system to 3He-3H system are in good agreement with the available experimental data and some theoretical models. To improve the validity of the model at low x-values, the nuclear shadowing, anti-shadowing and ∆- resonance effects are also considered.

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