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Paper   IPM / Physic / 11174
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  Title:   Linear Relationship Statistics in Diffusion Limited Aggregation
  Author(s):  A.A. Saberi
  Status:   Published
  Journal: J. Physics: Condens. Matter
  Vol.:  21
  Year:  2009
  Pages:   465106
  Supported by:  IPM
We show that various surface parameters in two-dimensional diffusion limited aggregation (DLA) grow linearly with the number of particles. We find the ratio of the average length of the perimeter and the accessible perimeter of a DLA cluster together with its external perimeters to the cluster size, and define a microscopic schematic procedure for attachment of an incident new particle to the cluster. We measure the fractal dimension of the red sites (i.e., the sites upon cutting each of them splits the cluster) equal to that of the DLA cluster. It is also shown that the average number of the dead sites and the average number of the red sites have linear relationships with the cluster size.

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