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 School of Nano Science - February 21, 2013


Thermal rectification of a single-wall carbon nanotube: a molecular dynamics study
21 Feb. 2013

 In this talk we investigate the thermal rectification phenomenon in a single-wall mass graded carbon nanotube by molecular dynamics simulation. Second generation Brenner potential has been used to model the inter-atomic carbon interaction and fixed boundary conditions have been taken into account. The dependence of the rectification factor R on the temperature, nanotube diameter and mass gradient was obtained. It is shown that by increasing the temperature, the rectification decreases whereas by increasing other parameters such as the mass gradient, diameter and tube's length, it increases.

Seminar Speaker:
Dr. M. Ebrahim Fouladvand
Date :
21 Feb. 2013
Time :
11:00 - 12:30
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