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 School of Nano Science - January 24, 2013


Complex physiological time-series analysis with "inverse statistics"
24 Jan. 2013

 Based on turbulent studies, inverse probability distribution or first passage time distribution of a stochastic time-series, shows different properties than main distribution. According to these studies, physiological time-series were analysed and we introduce a memory length for these time-series. In a time-series, memory is a statistical feature that lasts for a period of time and distinguishes the time-series from a random, or memory-less, process. The method is based on inverse statistical analysis and provides empiric evidence that rare fluctuations in cardio-respiratory time-series are forgotten quickly in healthy subjects while the memory for such events is significantly prolonged in pathological conditions. We also observed that the cardio-respiratory system has simple low order dynamics and short memory around its average, and high order dynamics around rare fluctuations.

Seminar Speaker:
Amir Hossein Shirazi
Date :
24 Jan. 2013
Time :
11:00 - 12:30
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