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 School of Nano Science - December 27, 2012


Nanoscale lithography machines
27 Dec. 2012

 Photo-Lithography is the most popular method in making semiconductor devices. High throughput and precision are the important features of the very sophisticated semiconductor lithography machines. The large usage of semiconductor devices such as flash memory, CPU and all sorts of ICs make a huge market which needs continuous research and development for such machines. Market demands that the calculation speed and storage capacity doubles every few years. That means smaller and smaller devices. Currently, smallest possible node on industrial scale is 15-22 nm, the overlay of layers can go even bellow 3 nm and this is all done with speed of one wafer of 300 mm in about 20 s. I will give a brief presentation on these fully automatized machines which can change our lives every few years.

Seminar Speaker:
Dr.Hamid Amir-Ahmadi
Date :
27 Dec. 2012
Time :
11:00 - 12:30
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