“Bulletin Board”

 School of Physics - November 24, 2002

Current Research Activities

M. H. Partovi
Department of Physics & Astronomy,
Califonia State University,

October 29 -November 29, 2002

More information about Research Activities

M. H. Partovi
Department of Physics & Astronomy
California State University,

My main activities during a month-long visit to the School of Physics at IPM in November, 2002 may be classified into three broad categories. First is the research project with Drs. F. Ardalan and N. Sadoughi on an investigation of the non-commutative version of the Schwinger model. Second, a series of consultations with doctoral and post-doctoral researchers on a variety of problems such as quantum information and computation, chaos theory, fluid mechanics, complexity issues, and relativistic bound states arising in condensed matter models. Third, a course of six (two-hour) lectures on quantum measurements, information and computation given to students of Quantum Mechanics II at Sharif University of Technology as a means of exposing them to some of the current research in the subject, as well as a two-hour lecture on quantum computing given at the University of Science and technology, Tehran.

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