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 School of Astronomy - August 5, 2012

School of Astronomy (SoA) - Weekly Seminar

Anisotropic Inflation
Razieh Emami (IPM)

  Anisotropic Inflation
Razieh Emami (IPM)

In this talk, At first I will discuss about Anisotropic Inflation and its effects on the curvature perturbations of CMB. Then moving to our model , Anisotropic Inflation from charged scalar field, I will give a report of what we have done as yet.
August8 / 18 Mordad 1391
Wednesday 2:00 PM

IPM Larak Building, School of Astronomy
Address: Larak Garden, opposite Araj, Artesh Highway,Tehran, Iran

E-mail: astro(at)ipm.ir
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