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 School of Particles and Accelerator - July 14, 2012

Journal Club 21: Evidence for an excess of B -> D Tau Nu decays

Dr. Abideh Jafari from IPM


Abstract: Based on the full BABAR data sample, we report improved measurements of the ratios R(D(*) ) = B(B ? D(*) t - ? t )/B(B ? D(*) l- ? l ), where l is either e or µ. These ratios are sensitive to new physics contributions in the form of a charged Higgs boson. We measure R(D) = 0.440±0.058±0.042 and R(D* ) = 0.332 ± 0.024 ± 0.018, which exceed the Standard Model expectations by 2.0s and 2.7s, respectively. Taken together, our results disagree with these expectations at the 3.4s level.
This excess cannot be explained by a charged Higgs boson in the type II two-Higgs-doublet model.
We also report the observation of the decay B ? Dt - ? t , with a significance of 6.8s.
Time: Saturday, July 14, 2012 at 14:00 in Larak

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