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 School of Particles and Accelerator - May 1, 2012

Second IPM School and Workshop on Applied AdS/CFT

Dr. Hessamaddin Arfaei from IPM
Dr. Farhad Ardalan from IPM
Dr. Mohsen Alishahiha from IPM


This meeting is the second school and workshop intended to introduce the AdS/CFT and its applications to QCD and Condensed Matter Physics to Post docs and PhD students. It will be held in Tehran from 1st to 6th of May 2012.The main topics related to the fundamentals and applications of AdS/CFT will be reviewed by the leading scientists of the field.
There will be time slots dedicated to present papers on AdS/CFT and its applications. Especially the young scientists are encouraged to participate in this activity. Those interested can go to the part in "paper submission" and complete the relevant part and upload the abstract. The deadline for registration is 30th of March and for paper submission 15th of April 2012. The authors of the paper accepted for presentation will be informed before 25th of April 2012.
1- N. Abbasi (IPM, SUT)
2- M. Aliakbari (IPM)
3- M. Alishahiha (IPM)
4- D. Allahbakhshi (IPM)
5- F. Ardalan (IPM)
6- I. Bakas (Univ. of Patras, Greece)
7- A. Davody (IPM)
8- R. Fareghbal (IPM)
9- M. R. Garousi (Ferdowsi Univ., Iran)
10- S. Kim (SNU, Korea)
11- C. Kozcaz (CERN, Switzerland)
12- D. Mahdavian (Ferdowsi Univ., Iran)
13- A. Mollabashi (IPM)
14- A. E. Mosaffa (IPM, SUT)
15- N. Sadooghi (SUT)
16- S. A. H. Vaezi (IPM)
Time: May 1-6, 2012 in Larak

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