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 School of Particles and Accelerator - June 25, 2008

Non-commutative Field Theory: Theoretical and Phenomenological Perspective

Mr. Moslem Zarei from IUT University

 Abstract : In this lecture we will deal with the non-commutative field theory from both theoretical and phenomenological point of view. We show that the soft and collinear divergences are canceled in non-commutative QED. Also we introduce a mechanism to solve the UV/IR mixing problem in scalar and gauge theories. The stabilization of a fuzzy torus considered as extra dimensions is also investigated. Phenomenologically, we discussed about some nonlinear terms arise from noncommutativity in non- ommutative U (1) gauge theory. Then we show that noncommutativity can leads to a noisy effect in gravitational potential. Finally using CosmoMC and CAMB codes, we investigate the effects of non-commutativity on CMB. These effects may be detectable in future experiments.

Time: June 25, 2008

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