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 School of Physics - June 8, 2002

A good news about physics

Rapidly Improving:
National Influence Increasing Quickly in Select Fields

The table below lists the countries that showed the greatest increase in total citations in a specific field, comparing ISI Essential Science Indicators data for 1991-April 2001 against data for 1991-June 2001. In the field of Geosciences, Bermuda exhibited a more than 17 % increase in total citations, compared with an increase in total citations of just 3.4% for the database as a whole between the two periods. Bermuda also registered a significant rise in citations in Plant & Animal Science. Slovakia showed up in three fields as coming on strong: Mathematics, Environment/Ecology, and Clinical Medicine. Its nearby neighbor Slovenia improved markedly in Microbiology. Iran, with a large number of papers and sizeable citations, showed rapid improvement in Physics. And South Korearecently featured in Science Watch (Vol. 12, No. 3, May/June 2001, pages 1-2)-moved up over 7 % in total citations in both Neurosciences and Behavior as well as Immunology. South Korea has increased its world share of papers in the ISI database from just .1 % to over 1.7 % over the past two decades. An outsized gain in citations would be an expected result of greatly increased publications. Rounding out the list are: Pakistan in molecular Biology and Genetics, Bangladesh in Engineering, Vietnam in Chemistry, Lithuania in Biology & Biochemistry, and Armenia in Space Sciences, which includes both Astronomy/Astrophysics and Atmospheric Sciences. There's a story behind each, which can be examined in the national citation rankings of ISI Essential Science Indicators, which in turn link to the recent and highly cited papers behind these overall statistics. For example, Iran's increase in Physics is due in part to important work in string theory and nuclear physics.

Country Field Percent
Papers Cites
LITHUANIA Biology & Biochemistry 7.29 219 1074
VIETNAM Chemistry 9.43 164 406
SLOVAKIA Clinical Medicine 7.36 833 3225
BANGLADESH Engineering 9.91 311 355
SLOVAKIA Environment/Ecology 9.17 419 667
BERMUDA Geosciences 17.27 45 842
SOUTH KOREA Immunology 7.10 516 2550
SLOVAKIA Mathematics 9.91 495 588
SLOVENIA Microbiology 11.43 116 468
PAKISTAN Molecular Biology & Genetics 10.06 57 547
SOUTH KOREA Neuroscience & Behavior 7.21 998 5592
IRAN Physics 10.14 718 1998
BERMUDA Plant & Animal Science 10.37 65 713
ARMENIA Space Science 6.85 148 468

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