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 School of Particles and Accelerator - July 1, 2009

Exclusive B-> K*(K, K1)l^+l^- decay within and beyond the Standard model

Dr. Vali Bashiry from IPM

 Abstract : We study the last devolopment of exclusive B-> K*(K,K١)l^+l^- decay in the standard model and in the various extension of Standard model. We found that the study of the various physical observables of B-> K*l^+l^- and B-> K, K١ l^+l^- are complimentary to each other. We also define a new observable which can be used as a good tool to study the effects of the scalar type interactions. Some of these physical observables are going to test at the LHCb. The result of the measurments can be used as a good tool to search for the new physics beyond the Standard Model.

Time: July 1, 2009

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