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 School of Particles and Accelerator - September 23, 2009

CP-violating Phases of MSSM and FCNC Processes

Dr. Yaser Ayazi from IPM


Abstract: The supersymmetric extensions of Standard Model(SM) introduce various new sources of flavor-changing as well as new sources of CP violation (CPV).In this talk , we assume a general MSSM with soft breaking mass parameters and trilinear scalar coupling which are proportional to Yukawa coupling and we study effect of the phases of trilinear A-coupling on EDM of mercury and neutron in presnce flavor changing source Of MSSM. We also discuss degeneracies between $A_t$ and $A_b$ and other CP-violating phases which can produce similar effects on EDM of mercury and neutron.

Time: September 23, 2009
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