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 School of Physics - May 9, 2002

Two Reports on IPM String School & Workshop

April 20 - May 2, 2002

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Two Reports on IPM String School & Workshop

April 20 - May 2, 2002 Shiraz-Iran

First Report:

F. ArdalanDuring the period of April 20- May 2, a school and workshop in string theory was held by school of physics of IPM in Shiraz.
In all there were about 50 participants in the meeting of which about 12 were invited speakers: 2 from Iran (Alishahiha, Garousi), 4 from India (Gopakumar, Dhar, Jayarama, Wedia), 2 from USA (Mansouri, Minwalla), one from Switzerland (Antoniadis) one from Lebanon (Chamseddin), one from Italy (Narain), and one from Finland (Hassan).
Of the participants nine were from abroad (3 from Azerbaijan, 3 from Ukraine, one from Italy, one from Pakistan and one from Armenia), and about 30 participants from Iran.
The first 2 days were devoted to the introduction to string theory, and the next seven days to recent developments (especially the so called pp-wave, String-Yang Mills Duality of the last few months) in string theory were discussed.
The last day was devoted to the presentation of the research results of participants in the workshop.
F. Ardalan
School of Physics

Second Report:

S. WadiaThe IPM has established a series of schools and workshops in the rapidly developing area of string theory, which in poised to be a fundamental theory of elementary particles and cosmology. The first in the series was held in Isfahan in 2000 and the second was held in Shiraz in 2002.
The schools have duration of 10 days and then are covered on both introductory and current topics in string theory. The schools are followed by a two day workshop packed with research seminars:
This activity has several aims: i. To enhance and develop the string theory in Iran to a world class activity. ii. To develop a collaborative relationship with other countries in the region viz. India, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Pakistan and Greece. Most of the lecturers in the schools and workshops are drawn from these countries and Iran.
S. Wadia

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