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 School of Physics - April 26, 2000

Graduation Ceremony

The Successful Completion of the Plasma Physics Educational Program of IPM was celebrated on Dec. 23, 1999.

 The successful completion of the plasma physics educational program of IPM was celebrated on Dec. 23, 1999 in which Dr. Larijani, the president of IPM, thanked the guest scientists professors Nodar Tsintsadze Davy Tskhakaya from Institute of Physics, Georgian Academy of Sciences, for thier indispensable role in the program.
The plasma physics educational program was inaugurated in 1995 with the help of professor Nodar Tsintsadze and Davy Tskhakaya and also professor Behrouz Maraghechi of Amir Kabir University and involvment of other Iranian physicists.
Although there were formally five graduate students of IPM in the program, but in fact two students from Amir Kabir University were also effectively part of thid program.
The list of students, their thesis topics and advisors are as follow:

1. H. Abbasi, (Advisor: B. Maraghechi), (Topic: Influence of Particle trapping on the propagation of electrosound waves and cyclotron waves in magnetoactive plasma.)

2. M.R. Rouhani (Advisor: B. Maraghechi), (Topic: Influence of particle trapping on the non-linear wave dynasmics).

3. B. Farrokhi, (Advisor: B. Maraghechi), (Topic: Wiggler field effect on the space charge wave of a relativistic electron beam in a cylindrical waveguide).

4. A. Tavakoli, (Advisors: N. Tsintsadze & D. Tskhakaya), (Topic: Rayleigh-Taylor instability of density transition layer in plasmas).

5. H. Hakimi Pajouh, (Advisor: N. Tsintsadze), (Topic: Kinetic description of photon gas in plasmas).

6. H. Eshraghi, (Advisors: N. Tsintsadze & D. Tskhakaya), (Topic: Consideration of the hydrodynamical behavior of relativistic radiative plasmas).

7. J. Mahmoudi, (Advisors: N. Tsintsadze & D. Tskhakaya), (Topic: Dusty plasma with rotating dust particle).

A total of 23 paper has been published in this program since its inception. It is hoped that a new phase in the educational physics program of IPM will start next year, with the assistance of four of the graduates of the program who are now IPM staff.
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