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 School of Physics - June 10, 2008

ICTP prize in 2007

M.M. Sheikh-Jabbari of School of Physics has received the Abdus-Salam ICTP prize in 2007

The Ceremony of the Abdus-Salam ICTP prize in 2007 was held in March 31st 2008 in ICTP, Trieste Italy. The ceremony was started by giving an introduction to the prize winner of this year, M.M. Sheikh-Jabbari of IPM, by the ICTP director Prof. K. Sreenivasan. Then, Sheikh-Jabbari accepted the prize which composed a plaque with with ICTP logo and the name of the winner scripted on it, a certificate and a cash prize of 3000$. The ceremony followed by a 30 min. seminar of the winner on the works mentioned in the citation of the prize (see below). Later in the same day Sheikh-Jabbari gave a more technical talk on his recent research work. It is noteable that M.M. Sheikh-Jabbari has also received the COMSTECH prize in physics 2007, the ceremony of which was in April 1st in Islamabad Pakistan and has been chosen the "national distinguished professor" in April 2008 in a ceremony on May 1st in the Iranian presedential complex.

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A Short History of ICTP Prize The ICTP Prize was created in 1982 by the ICTP Scientific Council in recognition of outstanding and original contributions in physics and mathematics, to scientists not more than forty years of age. The ICTP prize which is awarded annually in honour of an eminent scientist, includes a sculpture (previously a medal), certificate and a cash award of 3,000$. After the Dirac medal, it is the most prestigious prize awarded by ICTP. The ICTP prize is by nomination only. That is, one or more of prominent scientists nominate their candidate to the ICTP Scientific Council. The nomination letter should include an essay which highlights the main contribution of the nominee to the main stream research, the nominee's CV and also name of three referees out of the ICTP prize scientific committee. After contacting the referees and reviewing the files of nominees the council selects one person for the ICTP prize. (In this sense the procedure is basically the same as the Dirac medal or the Nobel prize.) This is for the first time that the ICTP prize have been awarded to somebody from Iran and the second to a person from Moslem country (the first was given to Prof. Abdullah Sadiq from Pakistan in 1987). As a summary of the first 25 years: Subject distribution: 7 prizes has been awarded to High Energy Physics, 9 to Con- densed Matter, Atomic and Molecular Physics, 6 to Mathematics and 3 to Plasma and Nuclear Physics. Country distribution: 10 to India, 4 to China (one jointly with India), 3 to Brazil, 2 to Argentina, 2 Mexico (one jointly with a Venezuelan), Pakistan, Nigeria, (South) Korea, Vietnam and Iran each one prize. For further information please see: http://www.ictp.it/pages/mission/prizes.html

2007 ICTP Prize Citation The 2007 ICTP Prize in honour of Lev Davidovich Landau is awarded to Mo- hammad Mahdi Sheikh-Jabbari for his important contributions to non-commutative

field theories in the context of D-branes and superstring theories, leading to inter- esting formal and phenomenological developments in theoretical and mathematical physics. The 2007 ICTP Prize is named after the great Soviet physicist L.D. Landau. Landau's work is unique for its breadth and depth of understanding. He made fundamental contributions to quantum mechanics and quantum electrodynamics, theories of superfluidity and superconductivity, the theory of second order phase transitions, plasma physics, fluid dynamics and combustion, among others. He was also instrumental in building a well-known school in theoretical physics. Landau received the 1962 Nobel Prize in Physics for the development of a mathematical theory of superfluidity of helium II. The year 2008 is the centenary of his birth.

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