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 School of Mathematics - July 18, 2007

4th Seminar on Commutative Algebra and Related Topics

School of Mathematics, IPM
Tehran, Iran
November 28-29, 2007 (Azar 7-8, 1386)

School of Mathematics, IPM
Tehran, Iran
November 28-29, 2007 (Azar 7-8, 1386)

There will be a special session in Commutative Algebra at the School of Mathematics of IPM during Nov. 28-29, 2007. This is going to be the fourth seminar on this area. The goal of these sessions is to bring together many of the people in Iran who are working in Commutative Algebra and related areas, to introduce students and young researchers the topics of recent research. The tentative plan is to have some talks of 50 and 25 minutes.


  • Javad Asadollahi (Shahre-Kord University and IPM)
  • An Overview on CIMPA-UNESCO-IPM School on Representation Theory of Algebras
  • Mohsen Asgharzadeh (IPM & Shahid Beheshti University)
  • The Monomial Conjecture in Characteristic Zero
  • Mohammad T. Dibaei (IPM & Tarbiat Moallem University)
  • Modules Whose Cousin Complexes Have Finite Cohomologies
  • Kamran Divaani-Aazar (IPM & Al-Zahra University)
  • Vanishing of the Top Local Cohomology Modules over Noetherian Rings
  • Rahele Jafari (Tarbiat Moallem University)
  • Local Cohomology Modules with Specified Attached Primes
  • Valiollah Khalili (Arak University)
  • One to one Correspondence between the Extension Data and the Root Systems Extended by Abelian Group
  • Kazem Khashyarmanesh (Ferdowsi University of Mashhad & IPM)
  • Gorenstein Injective Resolution and Cousin Complexes
  • Fahimeh Khosh Ahang (Ferdowsi University of Mashhad)
  • On the Artinianness and Vanishing of Local Cohomology Modules
  • Amir Mafi (Arak University & IPM)
    Asymptotic Prime Ideals and Results of the Generalized Local Cohomology
  • Mohammad Moghaddam (University of Tehran)
  • Classification of Valuations in Higher Dimensions
  • Alireza Naghipour(Shahre-Kord University)
  • Some Results on Cofinite Modules and Local Cohomology
  • Reza Naghipour (University of Tabriz & IPM)
  • Cofiniteness of Local Cohomology Modules over Noetherian Rings
  • Hossein Sabzrou (IPM)
  • The Simplicial Join
  • Reza Sazeedeh (Urmia University & IPM)
  • Bounds on Regularity of Grade Modules with Local Base Ring of Dimension One

You may view the pdf file of the abstracts here.

You can see the lecture of Prof. Rahim Zaare-Nahandi at the Social Event here.

List of Participants

In order to view the list of participants, please click here.


Time Wednesday, Nov. 28 Thursday, Nov. 29
8:00-9:00 Registration & Opening M. Moghaddam (8:30-9:20)
9:00-9:50 H. Sabzrou R. Jafari (9:30-9:55)
10:00-10:30 Coffee Break Coffee Break
10:30-11:20 M. T. Dibaei J. Asadollahi
11:30-11:55 K. Khashyarmanesh R. Naghipour
12:00-14:00 Lunch Lunch
14:00-14:25 V. Khalili A. Mafi
14:30-14:55 R. Sazeedeh F. Khosh Ahang
15:00-15:30 Coffee Break Coffee Break
15:30-15:55 M. Mahmoudi K. Divaani-Aazar
16:00-16:25 H. Haghighi A. R. Naghipour
16:30-17:20 Social Event M. Asgharzadeh
* The lunch fee, which is 20,000 Rials per day, will be due at the time of registration.


Please print and fill out the registration form and fax it to: 21 22290648 or mail it to the address below:
School of Mathematics, IPM, P. O. Box 19395-5746. (Registration is closed.)

Call for Papers

Papers will be accepted for presentation at the seminar subject to approval by the Organizers. Please send submissions (Extended abstract or full paper) electronically (Preferably in PDF and Tex formats) to yassemi@ipm.ir and specify the length of your talk as to be 25 or 50 minutes. (Abstract submission is closed.)


Deadline for submission of paper: October 31, 2007 (Aban 9, 1386) (Abstract submission is closed.)
Deadline for registration: November 15, 2007 (Aban 24, 1386) (Registration is closed.)


School of Mathematics, Niavaran Bldg., Niavaran Square, Tehran, Iran

Contact Information

School of Mathematics, IPM
P.O.Box: 19395-5746
Phone: 21 22290928
Fax: 21 22290648
E-mail: yassemi@ipm.ir

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