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 School of Cognitive Sciences - July 23, 2024

Workshop Summer 1402

2nd Psychophysics Workshop


The second psychophysics training course will be held to develop and expand scientific and specialized activities in the field of cognitive sciences and create appropriate platforms for transferring information and experiences to professors and students in the fields of psychology, rehabilitation, psychiatry, and behavioral sciences in the field of cognitive sciences, with the support of the Cognitive Science and Technology Development Headquarters.

This virtual course will be held for two months starting from August 2023. Participants will watch instructional videos of previous courses to become familiar with the principles and methods of designing behavioral and psychophysical tasks and programming in the MATLAB environment. Then, the programming and data processing sections are practiced and addressed simultaneously with researchers and teaching assistants in virtual sessions by participants.

The content of the virtual course on psychophysics has been prepared in collaboration with the professors of the Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences, the University of Tehran, and the Iran University of Medical Sciences.

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