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 School of Physics - January 1, 2022

A scientific recognition for Dr Hamed Adami, a collaborator of school of physics


 The Ruo Lin Award of 2022, which is selected by the ICCM (International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians) led and sponsored by prof. S-T. Yau, is given to Dr Hamed Adami for his recent papers. Dr Adami's papers has been written in collaboration with Prof. Sheikh-Jabbari, his PhD student Vahid Taghiloo and Prof. Hossein Yavartanoo. This award was given in the 2022 New Year ceremony on Tuesday, January 4th and participants included professors, postdoctoral and administrative staff of the Yau Mathematical science Center, leaders of the mathematics department and the Truth-Seeking Academy, and Ruo Lin Prize winners. School of physics wishes all the best for Dr Adami and awaits his more scientific recognitions and achievements.

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