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 School of Mathematics - October 22, 2006

Third Seminar in Commutative Algebra and Related Topics

School of Mathematics, IPM
Tehran, Iran
January 10-11, 2007

School of Mathematics, IPM
Tehran, Iran
January 10-11, 2007

There will be a special session in Commutative Algebra at the School of Mathematics in IPM on Jan. 10-11, 2007. The goal of this session is to bring together many of the people in Iran who are working in Commutative Algebra and related areas, to introduce students and young researchers the topics of recent research. The tentative plan is to have some talks of 50 and 25 minutes.


You may view the pdf file of the abstracts here.

List of Participants

In order to view the list of participants, please click here.

  • Mohammad Reza Ahmadi (University of Yazd)
  • Rings of Quotients of C(X)
  • Jafar Amjadi (Azarbaijan Tarbiat Moallem University)
  • Asymptotic Primes of Ratliff-Rush Closure of Ideals With Respect to Modules
  • Habibollah Ansari Toroghi (Guilan University)
  • Maximum Spectrum of a Module and Zariski Topology
  • Javad Asadollahi (Shahrekord University & IPM)
  • Tilting Theory and its Applications
  • Mohammad Taghi Dibaei (Tarbiat Moallem University & IPM)
  • Graded Local Cohomology:  Attached and Associated Primes, Asymptotic Behaviors
  • Mohammad Mehdi Ebrahimi (Shahid Beheshti University)
  • A Survey on the Well-Behaviour of Injectivity in a Category
  • Mohammad Ali Esmkhani (Shahid Beheshti University)
  • Gorenstein Injective Modules and Auslander Categories
  • Hasan Haghighi (K.N. Toosi University of Technology)
    Strict Complete Intersection Versus Set Theoretic Complete Intersection of Algebraic Varieties
  • Kazem Khashyarmanesh (Ferdowsi University of Mashhad & IPM)
  • On the Cofiniteness Properties of Local Cohomology Modules
  • Fahimeh Khosh Ahang (Ferdowsi University of Mashhad)
  • Finiteness and Cofiniteness of Local Cohomology Modules
  • Amir Mafi (Arak University & IPM)
  • Finiteness Results in Local Cohomology Modules
  • Mojgan Mahmoudi (Shahid Beheshti University)
  • Cover and Projective Cover of Acts over a Monoid
  • Hamid Reza Maimani (University of Tehran & IPM)
  • Graphs from Rings
  • Reza Naghipour (University of Tabriz & IPM)
  • Delta-Reductions and Delta-Closures of Ideals with Respect to an Artinian Module
  • Hossein Sabzrou (IPM)
  • On the Use of Sector Partitions
  • Shokrollah Salarian (University of Isfahan & IPM)
  • On the Weil and Cartier Divisors
  • Masoud Tousi (Shahid Beheshti University & IPM)
  • Duality for a Local Cohen-Macaulay Ring
  • Rashid Zaare-Nahandi (IASBS, Zanjan)
  • On Isomorphism of Simplicial Complexes and Their Related Rings
  • Siamak Yassemi (University of Tehran & IPM)
  • A Conjecture of Stanley
  • Mehdi Zekavat (Shiraz University)
  • An Introductory Word About Orderings in Fields and Commutative Rings

Time Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2007 Thursday, Jan. 11, 2007
8:00-8:30 Registration -------
8:30-9:20 M. T. Dibaei J. Asadollahi
9:30-9:55 H. Ansari Toroghi H. Maimani
10:00-10:30 Coffee Break Coffee Break
10:30-11:20 S. Yassemi H. Haghighi
11:30-11:55 R. Zaare-Nahandi Sh. Salarian
12:00-14:00 Lunch Lunch
14:00-14:50 R. Naghipour K. Khashyarmanesh
15:00-15:25 J. Amjadi F. Khosh Ahang
15:30-15:55 M. Tousi A. Mafi
16:00-16:30 Coffee Break Coffee Break
16:30-16:55 H. Sabzrou M. Zekavat
17:00-17:25 M.A. Esmkhani M.R. Ahmadi
17:30-18:20 M.M. Ebrahimi M.Mahmoudi (17:30-17:55)
* The lunch fee, which is 20,000 Rials per day, will be due at the time of registration.


School of Mathematics, Niavaran Bldg., Niavaran Square, Tehran, Iran

Contact Information

School of Mathematics, IPM
P.O.Box: 19395-5746
Phone: 21 22290928
Fax: 21 22290648
E-mail: yassemi@ipm.ir & haghighi@ipm.ir
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