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 School of Mathematics - July 4, 2001

A newly published book by School of Mathematics of IPM

A translation into Farsi of the book:
Proofs from THE BOOK
M. Aigner, G. M. Ziegler
Springer, Berlin, 1998

 This is a contribution of IPM to the world mathematical year 2000. The statement which appears on the back cover is a good description of the content of the book:

The (mathematical) heroes of this book are "perfect proofs": brilliant ideas, clever connections and wonderful observations that bring new insight and suprising perspectives on basic and challenging problems from Number Theory, Geometry, Analysis, Combinatorics, and Graph Theory. Thirty beautiful examples are presented here. They are candidates for THE BOOK in which God records the perfect proofs - according to the late Paul Erdos, who himself suggested many of the topics in this collection. The result is a book which will be fun for everybody with an interest in mathematics, requiring only a very modest (undergraduate) mathematical background.

This book is translated into Farsi by:
Siamak Kazemi
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