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 School of Physics - November 10, 2005

IPM String School and Workshop (ISS 2006)

April 10 - 19,  2006
School of Physics, IPM
Tehran, Iran

April 10 - 19, 2006
School of Physics, IPM
Tehran, Iran
ISS2006 is the fifth of annual international schools and workshops organized by IPM, Tehran, in the field of string theory. The school part is aimed at the PhD students who are already familiar with the basics of string theory and first or second year postdocs and is organized as series of lectures covering most advanced and recent developments in the field including:
  • Counting micro-state of blackholes in string theory
  • Flux compactifications and moduli stabilization
  • Tachyon condensation and singularity resolution
  • Recent developments in understanding AdS/CFT
  • Solution generating techniques in supergravities
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