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 School of Nano Science - December 20, 2017

Monthly Colloquium

Fresnel Diffractometry and its Applications in Optical Metrology
20 December 2017


Measurement protocols for many-body observables in synthetic quantum matters


Fresnel diffraction is an approximation used for propagation of electromagnetic fields between two planes separated by finite distance in space. Although, this formulation dates back to the 18th Century, it serves more as a theoretical formalism to explain optical phenomena, and few applications such as the Fresnel zone plates have been emerged so far. However, In the past decade or so Fresnel diffraction has been used as a quantitative and precise optical metrology technique as well. Fortunately, many of the important developments in this field have taken place in Iran! So far, this technique has successfully been applied to precise measurement of various physical quantities, including film thickness, refractive index and thickness of transparent plates, sub-micrometer displacements, etching rate, focal length of microlenses, diffusion properties of liquids, surface profile, wavelength, and many others. In this talk I will briefly introduce the technique and some of its applications along with the advantages of this technique compared to other similar optical techniques, e.g. the optical interferometry.

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Seminar Speaker:
Prof. Khosrow Hassani
Date :
20 Dec. 2017
Time :
Farmaniyeh Building, Classroom C.
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