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 School of Nano Science - November 20, 2017

Monthly Colloquium

Development of Fully Two-dimensional Transistors for biosensing Applications
15 November 2017


Development of Fully Two-dimensional Transistors for biosensing Applications


Identifying analytes in fast, accurate, and reliable techniques is of most concern in early detection of diseases which can be achieved using advanced biosensors. In order to build a biosensor with such reliability, new materials and new devices are needed. Based on such prospective we have launched a new investigation to simulate, design, and fabricate proper 2D material based tunneling field effect transistors for biosensing application. To achieve such target, we studied numerous materials that are now available as 2D structures along with their properties and exclusively selected the proper ones for building the desired heterostructures with tunable tunneling characteristics. Then, based on the developed list we simulated the fully 2D TFETs using non-equilibrium Green function joined with density functional theory, the selected topics of which will be presented in this talk. This work is not limited to the simulation only and we also investigated on fabricating the devices. Though, there are various details that should be addressed in this work. Our simulation marked that graphene can be used as proper electrodes for the designed devices. Graphene is a single-atomic two-dimensional crystal that has considerable properties due to its unique structure and physics with applications in different fields including health and environment and biomedical applications. Along with the substrate materials and their influence on the transport properties in graphene, design and fabrication of graphene-based devices for biomedical and biosensor applications are challenging. In this research, the LPCVD Graphene growth process has been optimized to grow high quality few layer Graphene. Moreover, we have studied the effect of different substrates on electrical properties of graphene. In addition, fabrication process and characterization of ion-liquid gated flexible graphene field effect transistors have been developed, and these devices are being used as biomedical sensors. In this talk, these achievements and our future works will be presented.

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Seminar Speaker:
Prof. Mehdi Fardmanesh
Date :
15 November 2017
Time :
Farmaniyeh Building, Conference Hall
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