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 School of Mathematics - September 23, 2004

Workshop on

Commutative Algebra and Related Topics
School of Mathematics, IPM, Tehran, Iran
Nov. 24-25, 2004


Commutative Algebra and Related Topics
School of Mathematics, IPM
Tehran, Iran
Nov. 24-25, 2004

There will be a special session in Commutative Algebra at the School of Mathematics in IPM on Nov. 24-25, 2004. The goal of this session is to bring together many of the people in Iran who are working in Commutative Algebra and related areas, to introduce students and young researchers the topics of recent research. The tentative plan is to have some talks of 30 or 40 minutes each.

Please print and fill out the registration form and fax it to: 21 2290648 or mail it to the address bellow:
School of Mathematics, IPM, P. O. Box 19395-5746 (Registration is closed.)

Nov. 5, 2004

Confirmed Speakers

  • H. Ansari, Gilan University
    Relative Injectivity and Secondary Representation
  • Javad Asadollahi, Shahrekord University & IPM
    Gorenstein objects in triangulated categories
  • Mohammad-Taghi Dibaei, IPM & Teacher Training University
    A study of Cousin complexes through the dualizing complexes
  • Kamran Divaani-Aazar, IPM & Alzahra University
    Tight closure
  • Mohammad Ali Esmkhani, IPM & Shahid Beheshti University
    Characterization of pure injective modules
  • Hamid Reza Maimani, IPM & Shahid Rajaee University
    The graph of the zero divisors of a commutative ring
  • Reza Naghipour, University of Tabriz
    Integral closure in modules
  • Shokrollah Salarian, Isfahan University & IPM
    Annihilators of local cohomology modules
  • Reza Sazeedeh, Uromeiyeh University
    Strongly torsion free, copure flat, and Matlis reflexive modules
  • Monireh Sedghi, University of Tabriz
    Monomial ideals on regular sequences
  • Abolfazl Tehranian, Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch
    Strong test modules for Projectivity
  • Masoud Tousi, IPM & Shahid Beheshti University
    Tensor product of algebra over a field
  • Siamak Yassemi, IPM & University of Tehran
    Homological dimensions and the intersection theorem
  • Rahim Zaare-Nahandi, University of Tehran
    Algebraic structure of generic singularities
  • Rashid Zaare-Nahandi, IASBS
    Minimal free resolution of a class of square-free monomial ideals


Time: Nov. 24-25, 2004
place: Lecture Hall, Niavaran Bldg., Niavaran Square, Tehran, Iran

For further information please contact Siamak Yassemi (yassemi@ipm.ir) or Mohammad-Taghi Dibaei (dibaeimt@ipm.ir)

Schedule of Talks

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