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 School of Particles and Accelerator - July 15, 2015

Weekly Seminar

IceCube events and decaying dark matter: hints and constraints
Arman Esmaili, IPM
July 15, 2015
Larak Seminar Room


A flux of high energy neutrinos have been observed by IceCube experiment. The observed events by IceCube, notably the PeV cascades accompanied by events at lower energies, are clearly in excess over the background of atmospheric flux and beg for an astroparticle physics explanation. I will discuss the possibility to interpret the IceCube data by PeV mass scale decaying Dark Matter. I discuss the generic signatures of this scenario, including its energy spectrum distortion with respect to the benchmark expectation for astrophysical sources, as well as the peculiar anisotropies. A direct comparison with the data show a good match with the above-mentioned features. I further discuss possible future checks of this scenario by EAS experiments, both by detecting the prompt gamma ray flux from decaying dark matter, or the induced anisotropies in the cosmic ray flux. Finally, I will discuss what we can learn about the properties of PeV-scale dark matter if the observed high energy neutrinos originate from conventional astrophysical sources

Time: Wednesday, July 15, 2015 at 15:00 in Larak Seminar Room
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