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 School of Particles and Accelerator - December 25, 2014

Theory Weekly Seminar(TWS)

Spectral Methods in General Relativity and Large Randall-Sundrum II Black Holes
Shohreh Abdolrahimi, University of Alberta, Canada
December 25, 2014
Larak Seminar Room


Abstract: Using a novel numerical spectral method, we have found solutions for large static Randall-Sundrum II (RSII) black holes by perturbing a numerical AdS_5-CFT_4 solution to the Einstein equation with a negative cosmological constant Lambda that is asymptotically conformal to the Schwarzschild metric. We used a numerical spectral method independent of the Ricci-DeTurck-flow method used by Figueras, Lucietti, and Wiseman for a similar numerical solution. We have compared our black-hole solution to the one Figueras and Wiseman have derived by perturbing their numerical AdS_5-CFT_4 solution, showing that our solution agrees closely with theirs. We have also deduced the new results that to first order in 1/(-\Lambda M^2), the Hawking temperature and entropy of an RSII static black hole have the same values as the Schwarzschild metric with the same mass, but the horizon area is increased by about 4.7/(-\Lambda).

Time: Thursday, December 25, 2014 at 11:00 in Larak Seminar Room
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