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 School of Particles and Accelerator - January 11, 2014

Theory Weekly Seminar(TWS)

Review of what were used to apply for CMS Fundamental Physics Scholars
Reza Goldouzian, IPM
January 11, 2014
Larak Seminar Room


Abstract: In this talk, I am going to review the activities which have been done in collaboration with CMS and what were used to apply for "CMS Fundamental Physics Scholars". These activities are:
-A search for production of single top quark with photon through flavor changing neutral current (FCNC) in the vertex of tq? using 20 fb-1 of data collected with the CMS detector. The analysis is based on the data recorded at the center-of-mass energy of 8 TeV.
-Developing the CMS Hadronic calorimeter properties in Fast Simulation codes.

Time: Saturday, January 11, 2014 at 15:00 in Larak Seminar Room
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