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 School of Mathematics - September 14, 2003

Some reflections on
The Workshop on Combinatorics, Linear Algebra and Graph Coloring

 Richard A. Brualdi

"An International Workshop on Combinatorics, Linear Algebra, and Graph Coloring was held on August 9-14, 2003 at the Institute for Studies in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics (IPM) in Tehran, Iran.... A problem session was held one afternoon, expertly by Peter Cameron. The talks given at the workshop were of high quality. The talks by Iranian mathematicians convincingly demonstrated the very high level of Iranian mathematics (especially combinatorics and graph theory)." More

Willem H. Haemers:

"As an invited speaker I participated at the mentioned workshop. It was in many ways an excellent experience. The majority of the participants came from Iran. The idea of the workshop was to bring Iranian mathematicians in contact with some high level (I am not talking about myself) combinatorialists from abroad. The formula worked out very well." More

Carsten Thomassen:

"I have now returned to Denmark after your wonderful conference on Combinatorics, Linear Algebra and Graph Coloring. From a scientific point of view, the conference was a great success. I learned a lot from the lectures which were all carefully presented. It was impressed by the ideas, general knowledge and enthusiasm of the students, many of which I had the great pleasure of talking to. If the information I received is correct, it seems that the general level of education in Iran is higher than in my country." More

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