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 School of Nano Science - November 7, 2013


Introducing neural ionic channels
7 Nov. 2013

 Transport of ions through pores in membranes is a process of fundamental importance to cell biology. In living organisms, such transport is conducted via ion channels, utilizing the ionic flux to perform diverse biological functions, such as cell-to-cell communication and signaling, osmotic stress response, muscle contraction, etc. One of the vital types of ion channels is calcium channel. Calcium plays an essential role in cell signaling and release of neurotransmitters in neural networks. Consequently the structure and function of calcium channels of all kinds occupy a special place in the neural activity. In this lecture, we talk about different types of calcium channels, their structure and their function in neuron as well as the computational approaches to investigate their properties.

Seminar Speaker:
Azadeh Alavi
Date :
7 Nov. 2013
Time :
11:00 - 11:45
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