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Paper   IPM / Computer Science / 11017
School of Computer Science
  Title:   A simple and efficient fault-tolerant adaptive routing algorithm for meshes
1.  A. Shamaei
2.  A. Nayebi
3.  H. Sarbazi-Azad
  Status:   In Proceedings
  Proceeding: ICA3PP
  Vol.:  5022
  Year:  2008
  Pages:   54-57
  Publisher(s):   LNCS, Springer Berlin / Heidelberg
  Supported by:  IPM
The planar-adaptive routing algorithm is a simple method to enhance wormhole routing algorithms for fault-tolerance in meshes but it cannot handle faults on the boundaries of mesh without excessive loss of performance. In this paper, we show that this algorithm can further be improved using a flag bit introduced for guiding misrouted messages. So, the proposed algorithm can be used to route messages when fault regions touch the boundaries of the mesh. We also show that our scheme does not lead to diminish the performance of the network and only three virtual channels per physical channels are sufficient for tolerating multiple boundary faulty regions.

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