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Weekly Seminar
PT-symmetry optical waveguides
Dr. Mojtaba Golshani

Date : Wednesday , December 15, 2021
           14:00 - 15:00    

PT-symmetry has become an active research area, when Bender and Boettcher showed that a wide class of non-Hermitian Hamiltonians can exhibit real spectra if they commute with the PT operator. Mathematical analogy between the Schrodinger equation and the paraxial Helmholtz wave equation initiated intensive studies for implementing PT-symmetry on optical platforms, where the non-hermiticity can be tailored with optical gain and loss. Coupled optical waveguides provide an ideal platform for investigation of PT-symmetry systems. In this talk, after a short review of PT-symmetry concept we will focus on optical waveguides array, and introduce an intensity-based criterion that could be simply used to find the exceptional point of PT-symmetry system.

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