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Weekly Seminar
Taming Active Matter: from ordered topological defects to autonomous shells
Dr. Amin Doostmohammadi

Date : Wednesday , September 22, 2021
           14:00 - 15:00    

The spontaneous emergence of collective flows is a generic property of active fluids and often leads to chaotic flow patterns characterized by swirls, jets, and topological disclinations in their orientation field. I will first discuss two examples of these collective features helping us understand biological processes:

(i) to explain the tortoise & hare story in bacterial competition: how motility of Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria leads to a slower invasion of bacteria colonies, which are individually faster, and
(ii) how self-propelled defects lead to finding an unanticipated mechanism for cell death.

I will then discuss various strategies to tame, otherwise chaotic, active flows, showing how hydrodynamic screening of active flows can act as a robust way of controlling and guiding active particles into dynamically ordered coherent structures. I will also explain how combining hydrodynamics with topological constraints can lead to further control of exotic morphologies of active shells.