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Weekly Webinar
Simulating Realistic Biomembrane Shapes
Dr. Weria Pezeshkian

Date : Wednesday , July 14, 2021
           14:00 - 15:00    

Biomembranes are essential functional elements of the cell architecture, actively participating in vital cellular processes. A central feature of living cell membranes is their flexible shape that undergoes constant transformations at a length scale much greater than their thickness. Uncovering the mechanisms that underlie the shape remodelling of these macromolecular structures is essential for understanding their biological functions and providing fundamental scientific bases for combatting diseases, engineering artificial cells, and designing drug delivery vehicles. One of the important drivers of membrane remodelling is the cooperative action of membrane proteins. However, it remained unclear how exactly proteins play roles in achieving or stabilization the characteristic shape of cellular membranes. I will present our recent advances in exploring the coupling between membrane shape and lateral protein organizations using multiscale computer simulations.