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           10:30 - 15:00     Webinar

Why Birds are Smart


Why Birds are Smart - Webinar ...

           11:00 - 12:00     Wednesday Weekly Seminar - Virtual Format
Minimal Dark Matter and its Indirect Detection



In this study, we investigate the sensitivity of the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) and Fermi Large Area Telescope (Fermi-LAT) to dark matter (DM) annihilation in ?-ray lines. We focus on observations of the Galactic Center (GC), dwarf Spheroidal galaxies (dSphs), and galaxy clusters (GCls). Specifically, we compare the reach of the GC with that of dSphs, considering the poorly known putative core radius of the DM distribution. Surprisingly, we find that the currently best dSph candidates present a more promising target than the GC, especially for core radii ranging from one to a few kiloparsecs.
In addition t ...

           13:30 - 15:00     Weekly Seminar
On quantum corrections to the Hawking radiation


I briefly describe the physical considerations that lead to nonlocality. The status of nonlocal special relativity is mentioned and recent work in connection with nonlocal gravity is reviewed. ...

           14:00 - 16:00     Mathematical Logic Weekly Seminar
Theory of Fuzzy Time Computation (TC+CON(TC^*)ͰP≠NP)


There are different types of approaches to solve P vs NP, some of them are logical approaches. The lecturer's PhD thesis [11] is based on one of these logical approaches 2002 [2], [6]. Till 2011, he and some other logicians made an unsuccessful aƩempt to shed light on this problem in this way. In 2010‐2011, he started to introduce another logical approach based on paradoxes, more specifically ?Unexpected Hanging Paradox?. The goal is to use paradoxes similar to applying paradoxes (Liar Paradoxes) in the Godel?s Incompleteness Theorem [14], [15], [16]. In [5], [16] (2017), he showed by defining a new version of this ...