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           14:00 - 15:00     Combinatorics and Computing Weekly Seminar
Parameterized Algorithms and Price of Generality


One approach toward dealing with intractable graph problems is structural parameterization which is defined as investigation of computational complexity of NP-hard graph problems measured as a function of the structural properties of the input graph. The structure of a graph can be measured using some well-known and well-studied parameters such as treewidth, tree-depth, clique-width, vertex cover and neighborhood diversity. The main question, here, is that, for an NP-hard problem, what is the algorithmic cost of generalizing a structural parameter of the input. In this talk, after introducing some of these parameters, we give a short ( ...

           17:30 - 19:00     Algebraic Geometry Biweekly Webinar
Exploring the Boundary of the Moduli Space of Stable Surfaces: Some Explicit Examples


I will briefly recall the notion of stable surfaces and of the corresponding moduli space. Then I will outline a partial description of the boundary points in the case of surfaces with $K^2=1$, $p_g=2$ (joint work with Stephen Coughlan, Marco Franciosi, Julie Rana and Soenke Rollenske, in various combinations) and, time permitting, in the case of Campedelli and Burniat surfaces (joint work with Valery Alexeev).

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           18:00 - 17:30     Physics Colloquium
Investigation of the Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle and the Entropy Uncertainty Relation


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6-7:30pm, Wednesday 26 Ordibehesht 1403 (15 May 2024).

Venue: Online




Quantum mechanics provided precise and accurate explanations for the experiments conducted at the end of the 19th century. This led to the rapid development of quantum mechanics between 1905 and 1923, capturing the scientific community's attention. At the Solvay Conference in 1927, Werner Heisenberg, a leading figure of the Copenhagen interpret ...