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           11:00 - 12:00     Wednesday Weekly Seminar - meeting
Beam Stability Criteria on other light sources and initial estimation of Iranian light source stability requirements



Iranian Light Source Facility design is based on attaining an ultra-low emittance electron beam to provide the necessary conditions to achieve super bright, stable, and reliable synchrotron radiation. In order to ensure that the facility will perform as expected in a cost-effective way, a lot of care has to be put into account. The proper tolerances and the cost-efficient scheme to achieve these goals should be found. The design of high stability machines is strongly affected by the characteristics of the construction site. But since the choice for the machine site cannot always be based on purely technical factors, ...

           14:00 - 15:00     Combinatorics and Computing Weekly Seminar
The List Square Coloring Conjecture Fails for Bipartite Planar Graphs and their Line Graphs


Kostochka and Woodall (2001) conjectured that the square of every graph has the same chromatic number and list chromatic number. In 2015 Kim and Park disproved this conjecture for non-bipartite and bipartite graphs. It was asked by several authors whether this conjecture holds for bipartite graphs with small degrees, claw-free graphs, or line graphs. In this talk, we introduce cubic counterexamples to this conjecture to solve three open problems posed by Kim and Park~(2015), Kim, Kwon, and Park~(2015), and Dai, Wang, Yang, and Yu~(2018). In particular, we disprove a planar version of this conjecture proposed by Havet, Heuvel, McDiarmid, and ...