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           14:00 - 15:00     Wednesday Weekly Seminar - meeting
The role of elementary particle physics in astrophysics



Investigating the structural properties of the compact stars is not possible without knowing the equation of state. The equation of state is obtained from the degrees of freedom of the system and the interaction between its particles. Therefore, the equation of state depends on the models of elementary particle physics and nuclear physics. In this talk, it is explained that what the equation of state is and how it is related to astrophysics.

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https://meet.google.com/fnv-dfkk-ghb ...

           16:00 - 17:00     Lecture
Invariants, Moduli Spaces and the Character Varieties


Many of the most important problems in mathematics concern classification. In algebraic and in geometric classifications these problems were greatly unified by the notion of moduli space, introduced by Riemann and developed by Mumford. In this talk we will briefly introduce the moduli spaces of representations of finitely presented groups into a complex reductive Lie group, which are so called character varieties. These spaces have been studied intensively during the last few decades, in part, due to their deep connections to multiple research streams. We then will survey recent results in the computations of their polynomial invariants ...

           18:00 - 19:30     Physics Colloquium
Theoretical and Computational Aspects of Neuroscience


Date and time,

6-7:30pm, Wednesday 9 Esfand 1402 (28 Feb. 2024).

Venue: Online