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           10:00 - 12:30     Weekly Seminar
Single-cell multi-omics analysis identifies context specific gene regulatory gates and mechanisms


Deciphering tissue- and cell-type specific gene regulatory networks from single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) represents an area of active research. While past efforts have focused on reconstructing directed transcription factor (TF) to target gene networks, logic-based models enable interrogation of more complex combinatorial relationships between regulators. In particular, Boolean logic models can capture higher-order TF interactions, represented through AND, OR, and XOR logic gates. We propose a novel approach for inferring TF-gene networks from scRNA-seq while simultaneously elucidating the underlying Boolean logic combining TF activiti ...

           11:00 - 12:00     Theory weekly seminar (TWS)
Horizon Strings as 3d Black Hole Microstates


We construct microstates of 3d black holes in the Hilbert space of tensionless null strings with non-zero winding along the bifurcation horizon. Counting these string states we recover the Bekenstein-Hawking entropy and its semiclassical logarithmic corrections.

Meeting Place:
Seminar Room, School of Particles and Accelerators, IPM